2i2c Documentation#

2i2c has several major sources of documentation to help you learn more about our services, our technology, and our organization.

Check out the links above in order to navigate across various 2i2c documentation resources, and see the links below for some explanations and pointers.

About the service#

These sections describe the hub service at an organizational level.

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About the JupyterHub Service

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Hub User Guide#

This user guide explains how users should interact with their hub environment.

Hub Administration topics#

These guides have information on how hub admins can perform specific tasks on their hubs, mostly without requiring any interaction with 2i2c engineers.

Use-case guides#

These are guides that cover particular use-cases with JupyterHubs managed by 2i2c.

Use-case guides

Our Infrastructure Guide#

The 2i2c Team Infrastructure guide is what we use to document how to develop and operate the cloud infrastructure that is run by 2i2c. It contains all the details about how our infrastructure is deployed, how we make changes to it, and team processes around ensuring site reliability.

Our infrastructure Guide

Our Team Compass#

Transparency and collaboration is at the heart of 2i2c’s mission. We host a public “Team Compass” that provides all of the organization-level policies, practices, and strategy for our team and community. If you’d like to answer any question about 2i2c as an organization, this is the place to look.

Our Team Compass